What Can Elevate Business Concepts do for You and Your Company

Quite frankly, telemarketing is a dying art. It has been frowned upon by call recipients (in business to consumer) and business owners (business to business) – because it has been excessively utilized that it has become annoying. On the other hand, what makes telemarketing annoying? Telemarketing, when done right, is far more beneficial than inessential. What makes good telemarketing? It is good lead research, a well made script, a well trained telemarketer, and good telemarketing practices that makes telemarketing successful. At Elevate Business Concepts, we make sure that these points are taken into serious consideration.

  • Lead Research. There is a difference between calling a list and calling a targeted list. At Elevate, we make sure that the prospects we call are quality prospects and are sifted well to suit your business needs. The prime importance in telemarketing is not about hitting the call volume, but it is the convertibility of a cold call into a warm lead.
  • Well made script. At times, prospects can sustain their interest not only with the words you say, but how you say it. A script is better when it delivers brief yet concise solutions that your client would want to hear and understand. It works better when it provides a summary of what you can offer, and have all other details explained after an appointment is set.
  • Well trained telemarketers. Telemarketing is not just about reading a script. Telemarketing is about bridging a particular product or service to a client need. Our telemarketers are not just trained to sell, but are also trained to be of utmost help to client need – and to channel that need to a formidable solution – your solutions.

Elevate Business Concepts focuses on the following services: lead generation, appointment setting, data profiling/cleanup, and outbound marketing. Our primary method for lead generation is outbound telemarketing. Here is a description of the services that we offer:

  • Lead generation. Elevate Business Concepts provide lead generation services through outbound telemarketing. A dedicated agent, including a backup, will reach a call volume every day from a list either provided by client or supplied by the company and the agent will create a daily report of the activity before the shift ends. An account manager will also overlook the client campaign and will cater queries and concerns from the client’s end.
  • Appointment Setting. Our telemarketers have paramount experience in telemarketing and have been trained well. Appointment Setting is dependent on the rarity of target clientele and the campaign itself. Elevate Business Concepts are dedicated to provide warm leads/appointment as well as help in the best way in producing lucrative results for the client.
  • Data Profiling/Cleanup. One of the most important aspects in telemarketing is having a reliable list that is made specific for a particular industry. There is no point in making a number of cold calls to a generic list of prospects. Elevate dedicates extensive research in data profiling as well as data cleanup.

Elevate Business Concepts value you. We value your business and your prospective clients. We value your desire to maximize your audience reach, increase your revenue, and build a better brand to your target populace. At Elevate, we will do our best to make it happen.