Importance of Marketing in Starting a Business

In starting a business, one must have to take note of the following: capital, operational cost, and revenue. The correlation between capital and revenue will always depend on the amount of production that you do equated with the operational costs that you incur. In starting a business, it is best to have lesser operational costs – which is important to allow you to earn more and invest more to propel your business further.


Business-wise, it is important to strengthen brand awareness among your target population. This will allow you to expand your clientele reach and improve your sale. The best way to do it is to strengthen your marketing strategy. This does not say that you need to invest in an outsourcing company right away. Begin with creating your profile – be it online or offline. In today’s time, digital marketing is the most basic way in letting people know you exist. Primordially, you can expand business reach through word of mouth. On the other hand, you can also create online profiles – or make a website of your own to specify the services and products that you can provide.


Inbound marketing utilizes the principles of content management, content strategy, search engine optimization and the such to increase ‘rankability’ and visibility online (especially in search engines). Moreover, outbound marketing uses a more proactive approach in getting in touch with prospective customers. There is debate on which is which is more important. However, recent research says that using both is magnanimous in making a noticeable presence among your target population. Moreover, the union of inbound and outbound is under the umbrella term called omnimarketing.


Telemarketing, which is more of an outbound method, utilizes cold calling to proactively approach target clientele. The key principles in outbound telemarketing are the following: a.) a dependable list, b.) an expert agent/telemarketer, c.) a well-written script, and d.) a full proof telemarketing technique – these are important aspect in having an effective telemarketing campaign. On the other hand, there are many outsourcing firms that are offering the said service at a more affordable price compared to hiring an in house telemarketing team.


Outsourcing just about cuts operational costs in half in terms of manpower costs, infrastructure, technological costs, maintenance and other concerns related. Outsourcing is a good way when you wish to outsource your business process and at the same time lowering your operational costs. Moreover, the best advantage in outsourcing is that you can focus on the core areas of your company as menial tasks are handled by professionals with years of experience in the outsourcing industry.